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Bracelet personnalisable harmonie de vie par Litho Joaia

The bracelet

harmony of life

Bracelet personnalisable

The bracelet is made up of a set of 8 semi-precious stones, chosen from a panel of 33 stones.


These stones are the result of a calculation, which takes into account several elements of your life, and correspond to a well-defined area.

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Bracelet Litho Joaia
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We have received your request, a practitioner will contact you within 48 hours.

Contact one of our practitioners to design the bracelet of your dreams!

Your bracelet IS UNIQUE

it reflects who you are and what you are here for.

Your 8 personal stones


It represents your roots. It determines you. It highlights your first instincts and encourages you to become aware of them.


It represents the lucid part of your being. Your analytical ability. It calms you down and helps you find the keys to overcoming difficulties.


It represents your achievement, the goals you set for yourself in life. She guides you.


It is the stone of communication that will allow you to assert yourself, and take your place while having excellent control of yourself. 


It helps you overcome your fears, which are the source of certain blockages. She reassures you on the path to take and shows you the tools that are at your disposal to achieve your goals.


It is your magic key, Thanks to it, everything is possible, it preserves your lucid part in all circumstances. It makes things easier when everything is rushing, and invites you to surpass yourself. It brings you together.


It will open the doors of your unconscious and highlight your deep emotions. Thus identified, it will allow you to formulate things and remove the barriers.


It represents your inner sensitivity, your deepest aspirations and wishes.

Your harmony of life bracelet IS PERSONAL.
Wearing it every day is essential, and giving it attention is paramount

Each bracelet is made up of 6 or 8mm round beads of your choice.
The beads are mounted on elastic thread 0.8mm thick.
A theme explaining the influences of each of the stones present on your bracelet is attached.

In order to be able to place an order, you must provide all your first names, your date of birth, the surname of your father and your mother. All these elements are necessary for the creation of your harmony of life bracelet.

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