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Our values

is very sensitive to the respect of our planet.

We have chosen to work with suppliers who apply the same values as us.
All our articles and minerals come from various countries, but all in Reasoned mines.


This is a sustainable development charter that was created in conjunction with suppliers under the French label “MineRaisonnées”.


This label takes into account respect for the environment of stone extraction and the people who work there. Minerals are mined responsibly and benefit local communities.
Partenariat Eco tree et Litho Joaia

Our engagements


French company specializing in ecological recovery and
economics of the forest and biodiversity.

Ecotree société francaise spécialisée dans la valorisation écologique
Nature, valeur avec le partenariat de Litho Joaia
To support the renewal and sustainable management of forests in France. Our desire is to act in favor of the social and ecological environment, also to recreate local employment and to promote the development of a rich and diversified biodiversity.


This mission is essential, because the forest represents the main reservoir of biodiversity on a planetary scale.


It works for the sustainable management and renewal of French forests by inviting companies and individuals to invest in creation.
maintenance and renewal of forest areas by becoming tree owners. In return for their investment, the owners benefit from all the benefits of their trees, whether financial at harvest time or environmental.


This gesture for the environment is thus a real ecological and economic investment, in the service of the renewal and the good management of the forests of France.
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