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Murielle animates and breathes her joaïa. 

Originally a mineral shop manager, she is now the founder of a new idea and concept. 

After having studied the mineral formation, then the crystalline geometry, the vibration of the colors, the energy centers and finally the influence of this set on our body and our spirit, Murielle very naturally directed herself towards the accompaniment towards the well-being. by the stones. She then went deeper and turned to energy therapy.


Murielle's role is to pamper her project through her vision and her benevolent gaze.

From March to November, Daily life Murielle welcomes you to the Cap d'Agde boutique and advises you on the choice of minerals according to your needs.

Holistic therapist, she welcomes you in her office 

She is  créatrice   but also at short notice for each decision of the adventure. Murielle is the image and cells of Litho Joaïa. Murielle is “Litho Joaïa”!

Murielle Boulanger
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